When The Going Gets Tough

Monday Mayhem

When The Going Gets Tough Kelly Taylor has 3 strategies, Strategies to get through the week, Monday Mayhem, wellness warriorsHave you ever had one of those days when an explosion like this in the kitchen is the best thing that happened all day? How about all week?

Well, this smilin’ girl had just one of those weeks … from a throat and eye infection and other ailments at the beginning of the week to the pinnacle of the pandemonium … both arms covered in poison ivy! I’m now looking for a long sleeved dress for a fundraising event I am attending in a few days to replace that adorable sleeveless outfit.

Just because I choose to smile does not mean that things are always okay. I am sharing this with all of you as a reminder that even Wellness Warriors have tough days and some days are just harder than others. We all have days that are downright difficult (real screamers) and I thought it would be useful to share with each other our strategies for surviving when times are difficult.

The reality is that everyone has really hard days, often ending in a Monday mayhem kind of event and yet – we have to move forward.


Here are three strategies I found to be helpful as I was in the midst of this crazy, tumultuous past week:

  1. Choose to smile. Just because I am having a bad day doesn’t mean I have to internalize it or share it. A smile is the best way I can change my attitude. And, people when smile back that brightens even the worst of days for me.
  2. Slow down. Our bodies send us messages. Infections, ailments, and even an incredible case of poison ivy is a reminder to slow down. To take care of ourselves and be attentive. And contrary to human nature, when the going gets tough –  I have to remind myself to slow down.  
  3. Nothing lasts more than two weeks. (hopefully including poison ivy!) This mantra has helped me in the worst of times. When I am struggling I remind myself that this too shall pass. And will look at the problem in two weeks (HINT: the problem usually resolves itself within two weeks allowing me to continue focusing on the present)


When the going gets tough …

All you warrior spirits…what do you do when the going gets tough? I’d love to hear from you…

And of course, my essential oils are key to me keeping my balance on difficult days – I’d love to tell you more about my favorite combinations. SIGN UP TODAY for a free e-book filled with serenity, balance and warrior wellness diffuser blends.

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