Mother’s Day Reflections

As Mother’s Day approaches, one of the things that I really appreciate is taking time for Mother’s Day reflections to review the lessons learned from my own parents. Those lessons have impacted me and made me humble and inspired.

My parents each in their own way fostered many of the qualities I use as a mother of two boys.

  • Mother's Day Reflections Kelly 2016My mother nurtured my independence, compassion and taught me the importance of looking deep inside myself to problem solve.
  • My father ignited my entrepreneurial spirit and encouraged me to be fearless and work hard.

I am grateful for all they taught me.

I have taken being a mom as my number one priority ever since I was pregnant with my first son.

When he was born it felt like I began living life with my heart outside of my body.  

That does not mean it has been easy and in fact, I have often had to use every lesson, skill and resource available to me to be the best mom I could be. 


During the hard times, I fall back on the lessons I learned as a little girl and approach each “mom moment” with compassion and fearlessness. And, here are three tips that I have found useful to keep me moving forward with care:

  • Slow down
  • Take one thing at a time
  • Enjoy every moment

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Enjoy every moment! 

My sons have made me a better person in so many ways.  Sharing life’s journey with them as they experience all that life has to offer, good, bad or indifferent has been a blessing like nothing I could have imagined. Holding each other up through the some of the hardest days of our lives made us stronger and always believing God has a plan.  I feel honored to be their mother <3

Happy Mother’s Day! Take some time out of your busy week for Mother’s Day reflections. Be inspired about the lessons that you have learned that helped create the person you are today.

In gratitude – Kelly

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