How is your Heart Chakra?

Heart Chakra fuels appreciation in our lives. Located in the body at the center of the chest, this is where we express our compassion, forgiveness, and transformation from. The lymph, heart, skin, and immune systems are physical aspects associated with the Heart Chakra. When this chakra is in balance it is easy to be friendly, see the good in others, feel secure and trusting. The love that comes from here goes deeper than what we see in romance movies; it is the love of creation, the overwhelming joy from a flower budding or a beautiful sunset.

Notice how you physically carry yourself when you feel love; chest and head held high with a smile so bright it lights any room. When the heart is open and flowing with love, you do not feel the need to slump over arms crossed; instead, you want to shine out exchanging that feeling with everyone you meet. Above all, the world looks brighter, strangers resemble friends, generosity comes effortlessly, and inner thoughts are positive. In bed at night, sleep comes easy and the day feels fulfilling and complete. Certainly falling asleep with love in the heart is an amazing feeling.

Harmonized Heart

Having a harmonized heart chakra is key, not excessive or insufficient amounts of energy. Stress, moodiness, codependency, or having poor emotional boundaries can develop from having too much love. On the other hand, we can be heartless, afraid to let go, live in self-pity, or fear being rejected when there is deficient heart chakra energy. Keeping the heart balanced allows us to breathe easily, have a healthy immune system, and live with ease.

Physical Manifestations

In the body, an unbalanced chakra can feel heavy. Anger and stress wipe out energy completely, weakening our immune system and making us prone to sickness that is further draining. Continually holding onto these negative aspects can lead to serious health issues such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, and cancer. When we open our hearts and feel good, resting, relaxing, and finding time for adequate sleep is much easier. In a heartfelt state, difficult situations can be managed with compassion peacefully, keeping us safe from run-down or disease. Using tools to further support our heart health makes calming and centering more manageable.

Aromatherapy and Crystal Healing

Crystals, essential oils, and daily meditations are helpful tools in balancing the chakras. Emerald, Peridot, Malachite, or Jade enhance love. When there is too much love pink stones like Pink Tourmaline, Rhodochrosite, or Rose Quartz will help calm and center. For aromatherapy, wearing or diffusing bergamot, geranium, lavender, lemon, wild orange, or thyme aids the heart chakra. The oils can be applied directly to the heart center while saying a mantra like “I accept and love myself unconditionally.” Meditation is a powerful daily routine that sets time aside just for you to be, this alone is a statement of love.


A simple way to enhance and nourish the heart chakra is with a flower meditation. Physically having a flower is encouraged but can be done by simply envisioning a beautiful, fragrant bloom. To begin, sit in a comfortable position and begin to breathe deeply down to your belly, closing the eyes allow the body to relax here. Continue to focus on your breathing coming in and out passing through, nourishing your heart. Now, if you have the flower open your eyes and gaze into the beauty, taking all in. If you do not have the flower, do this with your mind’s eye feel a field of flowers around you, coming close to a single one, sit in awe of its marvelous love.

Healing Happens

For more ways to balance the heart, you can bring more green into your life (think an abundance of love.) Green smoothies and green veggies will send love notes to your body, supporting detox and move your days in a healthy direction. Starting a gratitude journal or spending time each day counting blessings will reveal how much love there surrounds you. A major aspect in the heart is forgiveness, holding grudges against others or ourselves will keep the heart closed off. Forgiveness can be complicated and should never be rushed, but slowly letting go of what has caused pain or anger will open the heart back up to give and receive freely.

Having a balanced Heart Chakra corresponds to life as a loving and accepting experience. You will emanate kindness to the world around you and in that kindness will come back to you. Thoughts about yourself will be positive and loving allowing you to act out from a secure center. Trusting the world, the people, and the process of life will come as second nature. The immune system will be strong, breathing easy, and heart calm and functioning properly allowing you to feel energized and recharged after relaxation. Is your heart in alignment when you take a look at the present? How do you express love and appreciation? Use these questions as a journal entry or comment below some of your favorite ways you show love.

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