How do you relax?

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Whew! After a few rough days…I needed this! But before I could get to this place, I really needed to incorporate some RELAXATION strategies so I could enjoy my time by the pool. How do you relax? Here are some of my “Go-To” strategies.

To maintain my positive attitude…

Sometimes I just need to let loose after a stressful day. Here are some things that work for me:

  • Gardening
  • Turning up the music really loud and singing along (or shouting along depending on the situation)
  • if the shouting does not shake the stress then I resort to literally shaking it out by dancing around the house

Once the physical stress is moved out …

  • Go out to the woods for a walk
  • Get a massage
  • Take a long bath.  And, because I LOVE my essential oils, I add a few drops of Serenity Essential Oils Calming Blend to my bath and just melt.

All relaxed? I am! So now I can go out there and enjoy my friends and family.

How do you relax?

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